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Weighing Systems
Electronic Weigh Bridges

Electronic Weigh Bridges
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Weighing Systems

Weighing Systems

We supply a wide range of precision weighing system that are user friendly and known for accurate measurements. These products incorporate latest technology and are designed to meet the most demanding needs of our customers. The broad spectrum of products supplied by us include the following conversion kits, platform scales, milk weighing scales, bagging systems, tank weighing systems, weight indicators, electronic weigh bridges and axle weigh bridges.
• Electronic Weigh Bridges
• Axle Weigh Briages
• Foundationless Weigh Bridges
• Weighing Pads
• Ultra Slim Weigh Pads
• Tank Weighing Systems
• Weight Indicators

Electronic Weigh Bridges

We manufacture pit-less or pit type weigh bridges as per space availability at site. While pit-less model enjoys the benefits of less civil work, easy maintenance & no water logging problems, pit type model requires less space & has the benefit of free vehicle movement.
Capacity available upto 150 ton
Load cells are hermetically sealed to NEMA 6 / IP68 standards
Micro controller based circuitry for fast operation
Self diagnosis mode
Automatic Calibration Check
Password Security
IBM key board interface
RS 232C / RS 485 / RS 422 port for computer interface

Electronic Weigh Bridges
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Axle Weigh Bridges

In axle weigh bridges, there is a small platform ( 2 m x 3 m ) on which axles of the vehicle are weighed one by one. Weight of all the axles is then added to give total weight of the vehicle.
This weigh bridge finds application in stone crushers or to weigh less costly materials where economy rather than accuracy is of prime importance.
This weigh bridge is an accurate weighing system which can weigh any type of vehicle regardless of its length or the no. of axles it has.

When a vehicle moves across the platform at slow speed & front axle stops on it for a moment, the electronics waits for the axle weight to become steady and then catches this weight into memory. It has a light, which goes off when the weight has been captured so that the driver knows when to move to the next axle. After that, each axle is weighted and its weight is stored in memory to give the total weight of the vehicle.
Axle Weigh Bridges
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Axle Weigh Bridge

Foundationless weighbridges are boon to industries like mining, quarries & construction which need to shift the weighbridge from site to site.

Conventional weighbridges have heavy rigid platforms and require costly & time-consuming civil foundation. This makes shifting of the weighbridge very expensive as trailers / open truck is required to transport it and again civil foundation has to be built at the new site. Also, time taken & labor involved for dismantling and re-commissioning is enormous and hence adds to the cost of shifting tremendously.

Our unique design of foundationless weighbridge eliminates all the above disadvantages of conventional weighbridge and enables quick shifting at a very low cost. Its modular design makes it easy to transport & civil foundation required is very minimal.

The platform sits on a removable frame that, when bolted together, forms a solid base, complete with end walls. No ramps are required. Just fill concrete out side the end walls & forget. Ramp height < 300 mm. Concrete footings are required to support each load bearing point of the base frame.

Foundationless Weighbridge
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Weighing Pads
Mild steel construction
Designed for rough & tough industrial applications
Each pad contains load cells which can be replaced individually if required
Can be placed on a leveled tar or concrete road
A set of four pads can be used as an economical alternative to regular weighbridge.
Ramp height - 100 - 180 mm depending on capacity & size
Portable enough. Can be shifted easily
Fully calibrated and ready to use. Installation time takes less than one hour.

Weighing Pads
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Ultra Slim WeighPad


An ultra slim Weigh pad system is an ideal portable weighing system. Each pad is fed into a different channel, allowing individual calibration for each pad. A portable data case including rechargeable battery, dot matrix roll printer, and LCD digital readout can be supplied for installations which require frequent shifting. The system is factory calibrated and ready to use when you get it. It can easily be setup by a single individual in minutes and is very easy to use and transport.

Available in capacities up to 20 tons per pad

Large weighing surface, extremely low profile ( only 0.7" high! )

Machined from light weight high strength aluminum alloy

Weight: 23 kg including ramps, 19 kg without ramps

20 independent micro loadcells in each pad

Static Accuracy: 0.25% full scale or better

Dynamic Accuracy: + / - 1% of full scale with leveling track

Graduation- 10 kg

Ground level Requirement- concrete or asphalt surface, level within 1/8" over entire supported area

Temperature range -20°C to 60°C

Optional leveling track of High density plastic / rubber compound

Ultra slim weigh pad
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Our Tank Weighing Systems are designed for weighing amount of liquid or solid material filled into or discharged from industrial tanks, silos, bunkers and mixers. These systems can be supplied with stainless steel and alloy steel load cells, available right from 20 kg to 500 ton capacities. We have the expertise to commission the systems for any type of applications such as normal, hygienic, high temperature, hazardous, corrosive, etc. Our unique concept of using pad plates ensures quick and accurate installation of load cells.
Tank Weighing Systems
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Weight indicator ( Intelligent Terminal ) is a compact and powerful alphanumeric terminal, designed for numerous weighing applications. These weight indicators are available in friendly configuration and operation to meet the most demanding needs. The weight indicators supplied by us are known for providing speedy and accurate measurements.

Features Of Intelligent Terminal
Advanced micro- controller based technology

In-buit line filter

Auto zero maintenance

4 line 40 character lcd display with back light

Memeory of 5000 tranactions

13 mm red led display, 25 or 50 optional parallel display

Rs 232-c port for computer interface