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Ultra Slim Weigh Pads

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Ultra Slim Weighing Pads, Ultra Slim Weigh Pad. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

An Ultra Slim Weigh Pad system is an ideal portable weighing system. Each pad is fed into a different channel, allowing individual calibration for each pad. A portable data case including rechargeable battery, dot matrix roll printer, and LCD digital readout can be supplied for installations which require frequent shifting. The system is factory calibrated and ready to use when you get it. It can easily be setup by a single individual in minutes and is very easy to use and transport.

  • Available in capacities up to 20 tons per pad
  • Large weighing surface, extremely low profile ( only 0.7" high! )
  • Machined from light weight high strength aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 23 kg including ramps, 19 kg without ramps
  • 20 independent micro loadcells in each pad
  • Static Accuracy: 0.25% full scale or better
  • Dynamic Accuracy: + / - 1% of full scale with leveling track
  • Graduation - 10 kg
  • Ground level Requirement - concrete or asphalt surface, level within 1/8" over entire supported area
  • Temperature range - 200C to 600C
  • Optional leveling track of High density plastic / rubber compound

Ultra Slim Weigh Pads
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